Thursday, April 14, 2011

no. way.

there is no delicate way to put this.

my child just had a sh*tstorm in his crib.

pooped. took off pants and diaper. smeared excrement everywhere.

then he called for mommy.

aren't you glad you're reading my blog today?

epilogue: bdub is home. he is dressing child and taking child, along with soiled linens & stuffed animals, to the laundromat. he is then purchasing (several?) bottles of wine and asparagus (again, bite me, trader joe's). how much do i love him?


whtzDBlogBout said...

I am so sorry for you, but this is SO funny. I am glad I read your blog today you are halarious!

Tylaa said...

I was just scrolling through blogs, then yours caught my eye!
so funny! hope all was well afterwards!;)

Anonymous said...

That's cool!!!

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Dylan Galvin said...

and this is why I am taking ample time to prepare myself mentally before I have children. Poop is only funny when it's not on your own hands. said...

Sounds like your child is quite the wild one lol.