Thursday, October 11, 2007

september love...

my friend janice -aka "girlbomb"- pretty much rules. though i haven't seen her in ages, i occasionally check in on her via her blog. i found this post, a brief retelling of her and her husband's "how they met" story, to be particularly good:

"His personal ad said: 'I will be a good boyfriend. I will rub your feet, and tell you you're pretty, and put up with your shit'.
And I thought: Bingo."

i challenge you to find one woman who can't get behind that. the best part of the story, of course, is that the reward of her fella's precise way of summizing in 25 words or less exactly what EVERY WOMAN WANTS was the jackpot he hit in janice.

and to my love, here is what i love about you and the wonderful things that you have done for me and for us throughout this september:

-of course, like mr. girlbomb, rubbing my feet, telling me i'm pretty, and putting up with my shit.
-helping with my passport shenanigans
-your support with the big agency switchover of '07
-wading through the high waters of our patio during the flash flood
-seattle tokens of love
-fantastic anniversary surprises
-all of the arrangements you made in order to make my trip to europe as easy as possible with what you had to work with
-appreciating my skillz as your drum tech!
-making our trip so fun, and helping me to feel comfortable.

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