Wednesday, October 31, 2007


this post is dedicated to my favorite halloweener, bdub.

today bdub, dressed as disgruntled vietnam vet (as he is every day), had forgotten his stick bag at his rehearsal space...for those of you who are unfamiliar, let me dumb it down a shade: le dub's stickbag is the container in which he carries his sticks, mallets, brushes and various accoutrements that are needed for playing drums. his rehearsal space is about a fifteen minute walk from our apartment, just passed our old place.

le dub was in a hurry and running late for a rehearsal. to save time, he hopped on his skateboard and whizzed by on the streets, feeling confident, breezy, and quick like a bunny! as bdub apporached our old building, he realized that he was under attack. eggs came at him from all sides, smashing to the ground like gunfire.

however, these wayward tweens were too slow for bdub!! while we both can understand that a 35 year old man on a skateboard would be a reasonable target for these bad seeds, this matters not. what DOES matter is that le dub was too fast for 'em!

the boy's still got it!

in my fantasy world, i believe that the kids in our old neck of the 'hood saw bdub coming....and that one of those (now) tweens was a kid we used to refer to as "young man". it seemed that whenever we got ourselves into awkward predicaments, this rather chubby boy used to saunter by on his bike and stare at us, slack jawed, only to inquire, "wha happen?" which an annoyed bdub would reply "what are you talking about?" which young man would reply with things like "you know...with....tha one?"

bdub would then say, "young man...." and follow this address with your typical, "this doesn't concern you" or "you ask a lot of questions" or "why do you ask?".

i would like to believe that young man saw le dub coming, clenched his egg tightly and tried in vain to pelt the dub. sucker.

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