Friday, December 19, 2008

24/7 realness

one of the most fascinating attributes of my son, max (now age 8 weeks, 4 days) is his propensity for complete and utter realness. an 8 1/2 week old does not know how to be fake, he cannot yet be coerced into pleasing us, he doesn't do stuff just to be cute.

i am finding, then, that the adorable coos that come right after he sneezes, the dimpled smiles that greet me in the morning, the velvet painted child's eyes that hold my gaze in love and wonderment....they've hooked me with their sincerity, grace, and truth. i'm done.


Kage said...

I LOVE that shot. he has your mouth. I need to meet that boy.

Kage said...
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Ehrrin said...

he DOES have your mouth! Man alive, he's sweet.

Nowlze--when are yinz going to be in this part of the country?